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icon-4This dynamic 6 week self-confidence programme has been designed to help you get more out of life in ways you wouldnt have thought possible. Sessions will be structured to help facilitate a new you through taking gentle steps that will empower and enrich your life in the most powerful of ways. It is incredible what is possible with the right support, tools and encouragement from someone who is with you every step of the way. If you are feeling tired, stuck or just in need of change then this programme will help you profoundly no matter what your age and background.


Involves meeting once a week over a period of 6 weeks for a journey of amazing transformation that will help you create the life you truly deserve.


  • Connect with your qualities and dreams
  • Help you take control of your life
  • Boost your confidence
  • Energise you
  • Overcome your limitations
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Achieve your desires


“At the beginning of the sessions I felt like I was lost in my life, I didnt know what my next step would be and I didnt have the energy to do it. Everything seemed so impossible to achieve, so far away. I was stuck, a pessimist and tired with so many things that werent working. I had forgotton how to enjoy life because I was so worried about my future. I knew this wasnt the correct way to deal with my problems and I had to do something but I didnt have the right frame of mind or energy to do it on my own. Aiysha helped me to change my life, During the sessions I opened my heart out to her because I could feel that I could trust her. She gave me confidence and I felt so supported. I finished the sessions feeling strong and positive and ready to make changes. I feel grateful for everything I have in my life and I accept myself. Everyday I am getting nearer to my goals and I am proud of myself. I do my best and I am feeling happy. I know that I am always going to remember the experience lived in these sessions.” M.Pinilla, Edinburgh

“When I first came to see Aiysha I was exhausted and trying to deal with so many things. A painful break up, moving home, finding tenants and working over 50 hours a week. I feel so much better now, more cheerful and motivated to work on my goals. Thank you very much for your help, for your supportive words, for your encouragement. You’ve been an important part of my recovery process.” R. Gonzalez, Edinburgh


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